The Best Available Fight for Boxing’s Top Stars in 2016

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If boxing moved in an orderly fashion, Gennady Golovkin would fight Saul Alvarez sometime in the first part of 2016. Alvarez won the lineal middleweight title in November from Miguel Cotto. The undefeated Golovkin consolidated the IBF and WBA belts in October.

They are the two top stars in the division and arguably the two biggest stars in the sport. So they should fight.

But in boxing, what should happen is only sometimes the same as what does happen. Canelo and GGG will probably fight at some point. They might fight in 2016.

Then again, this is boxing, so they might never fight at all.

All the fights on this list make total sense and would be good for the fans and good for the sport. They all have good potential payoffs for both opponents.

But they won’t all happen. If even half of them do, boxing fans will have a pretty good 2016.

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