The Importance of a Good Boxing Stance

The Boxing Stance is your foundation!

It establishes the structure you need for optimal balance, power and mobility. Therefore, It is essential that you spend time perfecting it or your structure can – and will – crumble.

There are 2 types of boxers : Orthodox and Southpaw. Right Hand boxers are known as Orthodox, while Left-handed boxers are called Southpaws .

The discussion below focuses on Orthodox boxers. A Southpaw will follow the same basic rules as an Orthodox fighter except their Left hand and left foot will be in the rear of their stance .

Orthodox Stance

1. Feet are in an “L” shape with Left foot in front facing your opponent and Right foot in the rear facing 3:00.

2. Width between your feet should be your own shoulders width.

3. Left shoulder should be facing opponent so that your not exposing vulnerable body parts. ( throat ,abdomen and groin)

4. Both  knees slightly bent,

5. Body weight should be equally distributed down the center of your body. Weight can be shifted to rear leg if your opponent is longer.

6. Arms are high ,  hands level with your eyes  but not  obstructing  your view.

7. Elbows are tucked into your ribs to protect them.

8. Back heel should be off floor with just the ball of the foot touching the surface.

9. Hands are in fists with the thumb trying to touch the ring finger, when you punch, the hands must be positioned in a fist.

Most importantly — relax!

Peter Manfredo Sr.


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Look at this oldie! Peter Manfredo Sr. and SLY

Look at this oldie! Peter Manfredo Sr. and SLY