Fitness Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing is a combination of boxing, martial arts and aerobics which offers an intense cross-training and total-body workout.  It utilizes the training routines used by combat athletes in martial arts, boxing and kickboxing. The objective of cardio kickboxing is not to make a “fighter” out of you, but rather to give you a total-body training program that combines an aerobic workout with the movements and techniques of martial arts. In addition, the classes provides strength training benefits because of the “resistance” when punching or kicking the heavy bags and striking pads. However, unlike training in combat sports, there is no physical contact as in sparring. Fitness kickboxing is offered as a fun and functional alternative to conventional aerobics training for fitness enthusiats who want a great workout with equally great results.

Unlike a traditional martial arts class, the use of high-energy music adds to your stimulation and motivation. Unlike an aerobics class, there are numerous techniques you can learn beyond the basics to maintain your interest level. Classes go by fast because there is so much going on and so much to learn.

Wreck Bag

If you like a challenge, or just want a killer workout…Wreck Bag is a revolutionary strength training and fitness product designed to be as tough as its users. Wreck Bag is a new sandbag alternative made with a durable outer shell, rugged handles and a proprietary shock absorbing fill (NO SAND). Great for indoor or outdoor fitness training.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

My name’s Tiffany Wetherbee, and I’m the founder of Torch’d Kickboxing and Fitness Center.  I’ve seen my program work wonders for guys and gals of all sizes and ages – time after time…

  • I’ve seen scrawny guys weighing 120 pounds take down brutes weighing 260.
  • I’ve seen petite women embarrass men twice their size.
  • And I’ve seen competition fighters reach the level of champions sooner than they ever thought possible.



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