Fitness Kickboxing for Kids and Kids Cardio Classes at Torched

In a world of IPods, IPads, computer screens, Video on demand, FB, Twitter etc children lose focus and fitness. At Torched Kickboxing we strive to provide a healthy balance back into children’s lives. We build a child’s physical well being –one class at a time. Children and teens become more self-empowered with each newest of moves and kickboxing discipline.

Cardio kids is a training program that consists of fun upbeat, high energy classes where kids will work on flexibility and will be introduced to basic movements to promote agility, self-confidence, team work and disciple.

Kids naturally love to move. Why not take advantage of their innate urge to wiggle? Our kids kickboxing class not only helps kids strengthen their muscles and heart. Kick boxing will also teaches body awareness, coordination and balance. You’ll even provide an environment that builds self-confidence; however, kids won’t know that! They’ll just remember how much fun they had and will spend the rest of the day showing everyone the cool moves they learned in class.

Kickboxing Benefits

When your child enrolls in cardio kickboxing, she’ll gain balance and coordination that can help her in a wide variety of sports. Kickboxing can raise self-esteem by emphasizing strength and skill rather than appearance. Girls and boys who enroll in contact kickboxing may become less fearful if they know they can physically defend themselves if they have to. As a cardiovascular activity, kickboxing can also help your child maintain a healthy weight, reduce her risk of cardiovascular disease and even improve her sleep quality, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Torched Kids Kickboxing & Fitness Program

Ages 4-7 & 8-12

Torched Kids Kickboxing & Fitness Program is being offered at our facility Every, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday’s.

(Ask about bringing our program to your school/daycare/facility!)

Our 30 and 45 minute Kids Kickboxing and Fitness Program offers your child the ability to:

1: Learn the proper fundamentals of aerobics and kickboxing all in 1 class

2: Fight obesity

3: Build a stronger immune system against free radicals and prevent sickness

4: Build strength and endurance

5: Build confidence

6: Promote healthy habits of exercise, awareness and well being for your child’s future

During your child’s class he / she will be doing the following:

Warm Up

Stretches: All of our classes begin with dynamic stretches focusing on the targeted muscles that will be used during your child’s training session.

Jump Rope/ Jogging: Depending on the lesson, a 5 minute warm up of jumping rope will be performed. Our goal for your child is eventually to be able to jump rope like Rock Balboa!

Strength/Cardio Training Your child will learn fitness terms and perform them just as an adult would – squats, pushups, shuffle steps, jumping jacks, sit ups, burpees or any other exercise which stimulates your child cognitively and physically.

Kickboxing: Once the full fundamental structure of kickboxing has been taught: jab, cross, hook, uppercut, round house kick, front kick, side kick, back kick, and other: then combinations of those sources will be a focal point during our classes, emphasizing on proper form and the gradual development of mastering agility.

Cool Down: All of our classes are organized with a cool down mode consisting of deep therapeutic breathing, yoga stretches and routine stretches to lengthen the muscles that were primarily used during class. Allowing your child to gain and maintain their flexibility while preventing injury.