• "This place rocks my world and kicks my ass all at the same time! The instructors are all truly great people who really cheer you on every step of the way during every class no matter your fitness level! Everyone is welcome! I always feel incredible and with a sense of true accomplishment after every class! They are ALWAYS different and ALWAYS challenging - NEVER boring! At 52 and starting over after a few challenging years in life, I am starting over and they have been my biggest fans! Down 30 pounds so far! Thanks team!!!*Disclaimer :Results may vary

    Anne G.
  • "I love the Torched Kickboxing family!!! The staff is great! The instructors are super nice, very knowledgeable and versatile in their teaching methods. Not to mention you have a great variety of classes to choose from whether it’s kickboxing, wrecked bags, barre, yoga, and/or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes! I love that I am supporting a small business owner and getting my butt handed to me in class. I love that each class is different, challenging and diverse! An added bonus is that the gym goers are so nice, we all have different experience levels and it does not matter if you are a rookie, a regular or have an injury the instructors will work with you and cater to your capabilities. I love my local torched family!!!*Disclaimer :Results may vary

    Kristinia M
  • "Torched offers a great variety of classes. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and they care. No two classes are ever the same, you will not find a better class anywhere! Best workout, best instructors, and a great group of members, what more could you ask for???"*Disclaimer :Results may vary

    The Rea Family
  • "If you don't have Torched on your fitness resume, don't hesitate any longer. With fantastic, enthusiastic trainers that will help you reach your fitness goals, a schedule with many options, and classes that are fun and challenging, your only regrets will be not signing up sooner!" *Disclaimer :Results may vary

    Rachael C.
  • "Amazing workouts and supportive instructors and members! So many different kinds of classes (and days and times) to pick from! Try one and you will be hooked!!*Disclaimer :Results may vary

    Erin R.
  • "Before I joined back in June of 2014, I felt intimidated just to hear the work "kickboxing" but now I'm addicted! I love to see the muscles that I did not know I had:) Tiffany's Staff is personable and encouraging just like a family!!!"*Disclaimer :Results may vary

    Roxanna S.
  • "Finally looking forward to working out regularly. Thank you for giving me a place for "me" time. Such a supportive and fun group of instructors and classes. I've never had better exercise in my entire life! Loving every minute of finally getting in shape, and always looking forward to the next class! THANK YOU for being awesome!" *Disclaimer :Results may vary

    Kimberly S.
  • "I don’t live/love to exercise, but Torched Kickboxing and Fitness Center is awesome. The schedule provides multiple options with two early morning sessions each day so you can get in, get out and on with your day or evening classes which can give you some much needed stress relief after a long day. The kickboxing classes are fast paced and keep you motivated (thanks Tiffany for the 5am beat down), but still work for any fitness level because it’s just you against the bag. It’s hard to find the time, but with Torch’d it is possible. You can do it. Get it done!" *Disclaimer :Results may vary

    Wendy H.
  • "I absolutely love Torch'd Kickboxing. Ever since joining over a year ago, exercise has been fun! There has not been a class yet, where I have not laughed. The instructors are amazing, and will help you reach new personal limits. Having the opportunity to take kickboxing, yoga and barre, all at the same studio is such a blessing. I also adore all the staff who are so quick to respond to any member request. Try them out, you will love them too!" *Disclaimer :Results may vary

    Jenn H.
  • "There is not a better place to reach your goals and feel empowered! The Torch'd family encourages the growth of the newbies while refining the skills of the people that have been at it for a while. The biggest tip I can give new members is to remember that everyone was new once, everyone had to learn the combinations. Every class is different, trainers are diverse and inspiring! Once you go you will be hooked. Not only will you feel incredible, you will see results. It never gets old I’ve been with Torch’d Kickboxing and Fitness Center from the beginning love my Torch’d family. " *Disclaimer :Results may vary

  • "I can't say enough great things about Torched. From the best trainers around to a wide variety of classes...from kickboxing, barre, yoga, wreck and HIIT!! Not only will you get a total body work out from all of these classes....but they have the best times around!! Where else can you take classes at 5 am!! I can say I have more energy and always look forwarding to going to class (never thought I would LOVE Burpees or LOVE working out this much)!! I go to class at least six days a week and I can say they are always different!! You will never get bored with the work outs here at Torched!! You will always feel welcomed here...there is no competition between clients...you go at your own pace! If there is something you can't do the instructors are always ready to help you modify. I've belong to many gyms before and always felt like a number! Here at Torched it feels like "CHEERS"...where everyone knows your name!" *Disclaimer :Results may vary

    Diane Carreiro
  • "Torched is by far, the best total body workout ever!!! Even when I come in exhausted from the day, I always leave there feeling de-stressed, exhilarated, accomplished and strong! The staff is second-to-none and the facility is always spotlessly clean! " *Disclaimer :Results may vary

    Jen M
  • "If your looking for a complete workout then Torched is the place you need to be. I'm not a gym girl I could never really get into the vibe there, but at torched you will have a complete body workout, while having a great support system behind you, and it's fun! We are all there for the same reasons to get fit and healthy. kickboxing, wrecked bags, yoga, and Barr class all in one place, you couldn't ask for anything more. Positive atmosphere and great inspirational people to be around!" *Disclaimer :Results may vary

    Angela D.
  • "I live in NY but whenever I'm in the area, I make sure to visit this awesome gym. The workouts are always really great and the instructors are all amazing and totally dedicated." **Results may vary

    Alison D.
  • "Today was my first BBJ class and I loved every second. Everyone is nice and respectful, the instructor was knowledgeable and very good at demonstrating moves so I could understand them. Can't wait for class again!" **Results may vary.

    Justin S.
  • "Excellent classes. Very challenging. They pay attention to be sure you're doing things correctly. Every class is different so you never know what to expect." **Results may vary

    Andrea P.
  • "I took the kickboxing and wrecked classes and loved it. You get a great body workout and punching the bags is very therapeutic to work out any aggravation, lol. Tiffany is a great instructor and a wonderful person." ***Results may vary

    Michelle C.
  • "Superb and complete workout with top notch instruction and motivation! Awesome way to get in shape!" ***Results vary.

    Gregory R.
  • "I absolutely love this place! The staff is great, the workouts kick my butt, and I have so much more energy since joining. I never thought I'd say it but I actually look forward to working out! If you haven't already, you need to give TORCHED a shot." *** Results Vary

    Erica S.
  • "I just joined Torched and I am in love! Such a great and challenging workout every single time I go. Great motivation from all of the instructors and I never once felt pressured to do any new move I wasn't comfortable doing! Highly recommend Torched to anyone who wants to get healthy and in better shape! You won't regret it!" ***Results Vary

    Brittany C.
  • "The workout at Torched is challenging and ever changing so that you never get bored. the instructors are motivating, friendly, and the atmosphere there is very welcoming. you see results quickly, not only from weight loss, but gaining stamina, energy, feeling stronger and it's a great stress reliever to be able to punch the bags. I love working out at Torched and have been kickboxing with Tiffany for many years." ***Results vary

    Nicole J.
  • "The classes are the best workout I've ever had, works every muscle in your body and I feel great after every class!" ***Results Vary

    Amy A.
  • "Love this place, both my son and I joined! It goes by so fast, total body workout! I used to spin 5 days a week, like kickboxing more!!" ***Results Vary

    Isabel M.
  • "I used to take kickboxing classes when I lived in San Diego from an 8th degree black belt Tae Kwan Do Master. Tif's class was amazing today and was even more challenging than the classes I used to take! I am looking forward to trying more classes here!"  *** Results Vary

    Maria P.
  • "I love it!! Euphoria and pride *free* after each and every class!!" ***Results vary

    Anne G.
  • "Torched kickboxing is the best in area!!!! Offers variety of classes( kickboxing,barre,yoga, wrecked bag,andBrazilian jiu-jitsu) Great workouts with very supportive and amazing instructors and members.Try one you will love it too."  ***Results Vary

    Savita D.
  • "If you don't have Torched on your fitness resume, don't hesitate any longer. With fantastic, enthusiastic trainers that will help you reach your fitness goals, a schedule with many options, and classes that are fun and challenging, your only regrets will be not signing up sooner!" ***Results Vary

    Rachael C.
  • "Exactly what I was looking for! I moved to North Attleboro and needed a new gym after doing crossfit for a couple of years. The key for me was price, location, classes that fit my schedule, and most importantly I wanted to make sure the coaches were really pushing me so I could get the most out of my work out. I'd never kick boxed, but quickly found out that my favorite part of crossfit (basically intense circuit training) was a major component of kickboxing, except I didn't have to deal with heavy weights and higher risk of injury (think WOD minus weights). In class I can just turn my brain off, focus on the moves for a few minutes, then move to the next exercise, it is great! I particularly like the wrecked bag classes where the intensity is really driven up! As for the people, everyone was great. I'm not shy by any means but there is a bit of a stigma that kickboxing gyms are primarily for women. Though most members are women I never felt unwelcome or any sort of bias. In fact, the members and coaches are very supportive and friendly! I took almost all my classes with the owner Tiffany or Nate. Tiffany is relentless and after every class I knew I worked my butt off. Nate focuses a lot on technique, striking drills, and isolation exercise so you really learn and improve class to class. I also want to include that at the North Attleboro location for wrecked bag and kickboxing classes you are typically barefoot which for me is a HUGE plus. I hate sweaty shoes and socks! All in all this is a great gym full of great people especially if you want supportive classmates and coaches, clear direction and attention, and most importantly a solid work out!" ***Results will vary based on time and effort put in

    Todd Miller

*Disclaimer: Results may vary

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