If you like a challenge, or just want a killer workout…Wreck Bag is a revolutionary strength training and fitness product designed to be as tough as its users. Wreck Bag is a new sandbag alternative made with a durable outer shell, rugged handles and a proprietary shock absorbing fill (NO SAND). Great for indoor or outdoor fitness training.

Wreck Bags are used in the OCR World, but at Torched Kickboxing and Fitness Center we use them for one killer workout. 1/2 of the Class is with the Wreck bag doing everything from Curls, Presses, Thruster to awesome Ab and glute work. The addition of the Wreck Bag to a traditional Kickboxing class is a workout second to none.

The Wreck Bags are the best type of sandbags I have trained with in my 23 year career in the Navy.


*Results may vary

Every military base, firefighting house should have these on hand. They allowed me to maintain good posture and work my desired muscles. Well-constructed and extremely versatile tool that allows you to get a fantastic whole body workout anywhere. The beach, the mountains or on a 26 mile march, it’s all you need to have with you; This eliminates any awkward lifting that happens with normal sandbag training or leaking sand around you or in your car. Wreck Bags are awesome! I highly recommend them. The various sizes and choices are impressive and theLindon Group are great customer friendly group that stand by their products and are a military friendly company.

Wreck Bag is convenient and efficient

*Results May vary

Using the wreck bag is a convenient and efficient way to optimize your workout. The handles on the front allow you to gain a good grip on the bag so you have control over it and don’t need to pause your workout to reposition. I recommend the Wreck bag for anyone looking to change up their workout routine in a safe and comfortable way!

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